Now elevators can speak their minds. Thanks to KONE 24/7 Connected Services, with Watson IoT, you can for the first time listen to intelligent real-time machine conversations. Choose one of the elevators below and listen.

Let the elevators do the talking
Let the elevators do the talking

KONE has made elevator services truly intelligent. To demonstrate the capabilities we translate data in real-time to voice format in selected locations – so that you can tune into real conversations between machines. Choose a location and listen.

Intelligent services for elevators and escalators are here

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In brief

KONE has now made elevator services truly intelligent. By connecting our elevators to the cloud, by listening closely, by analyzing their messages, we can tailor the perfect maintenance to each individual elevator.

Now you can hear them, too. Listen in as our elevators and IoT Cloud talk to each other across the globe, in a human voice. We translated their raw data into a language you can understand. So now you can see and hear how we monitor and analyze the messages from our elevators. In real-time.

Tune in — Machine Conversations are here.


Machine Conversations are real, and KONE 24/7 Connected Services are available on selected markets today.

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24/7 Connected Services for escalators

Experience the most uneventful VR experience ever made and discover KONE 24/7 Connected Services for escalators.

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How KONE delivers the most intelligent maintenance services with Watson

KONE, as the leader in elevators and escalators, has joined forces with the recognized leader in cognitive computing, Watson IoT — to deliver the world’s most intelligent elevator and escalator services to our customers and users.

For KONE, Watson uses its capabilities to analyze, in real-time, vast amounts of data from elevator sensors, helping to identify and predict issues even before they happen.

Real-time data and analytics help us to accurately predict equipment needs, and ensure that our technicians perform maintenance at the right time.

Everything is based on actual equipment condition, so in case of malfunctions we already know which part caused the fault — and what actions are needed.

This will bring our customers and equipment users next level reliability, safety and transparency.